Should I pay for a stock image?

As digital and DSLR cameras become more affordable, and as smart phones have increased camera abilities, it’s easy to see why less people use stock photography.

But there are still the photographs that are hard to find. Or perhaps it’s easier to use a beautiful well-shot photo, then go out and try to replicate it.

But one thing is for sure, if you want to stay professional looking, make sure you pay for the stock photo. Time and time again I see images used in social media posts like the one above.

Yes, the easiest way to see if someone hasn’t paid for a photo is the distinct watermark from iStock or any other stock image site.

Check out this nice image I took while working at CMU. It was a great location to take year round outdoor photos, and this was taken on a lovely winter day.

Later on I used it for the Winter Lectures poster.

So here are three options for future projects: Allocate budget money for a stock photography account, or ask one of your great photography friends or colleages to take some photos with you. Lastly, you can either save up for a brand-new DSLR, find one on kijiji or ebay, or else grab your smart phone on the next perfect weather day. Fall, winter, spring or summer. Any season is a great time to start.