Gardening Knowledge 101: Bugbane

Gardening Knowledge 101: Out in full force right now is Bugbane (Snakeroot or Cohosh), previously known by the Latin genus of Cimicifuga. It has now been placed under the Acetaea genus. (Latin!? What gives!!)
If you are looking for a full/part shade plant that enjoys moist/well-drained soil, check this one out! It puts on a show in late summer!
The ones I see most often are the purple foliage variety, like the one pictured. Some start out green and turn purple, others start out burgundy and turn green.
The panicle flowers remind me of a bottle brush and since few perennials are blooming, the bees and wasps will love this.
Cultivars I’ve seen are Black Negligee, Chocoholic, and Brunette.