Greenspace Horticulture Diploma

In 2016-2019, I completed the Greenspace Horticulture 3-year Diploma at Red River College. I graduated with Honours and received a Gold Medal award. I started my Horticulture journey working at Sage Garden Greenhouse and for the next 3 years was a Gardener at Kildonan Park. Afterwards I worked at Shelmerdine Garden Center as the Commercial Greenhouse Assistant Grower/Manager.


  • annual flower design and installation for clients
  • perennial recommendations and installation
  • consultation on native perennial plants
  • weed ID and hand removal
  • pruning of trees and shrubs
  • managing 22 greenhouses, including the glass house for seedlings and cuttings.

Below are the courses we took for our Diploma:

First year courses:
Plant Material (244 plants, including Latin names)
Plant Science (including Aquaponics)
Greenspace Maintenance
Greenspace Construction
Greenspace Math Labs

Second year courses:
Integrated Pest Management
Site Maintenance
Irrigation Fundamentals
Horticulture Practice (including Vertical Aquaponics)
Naturalized Areas (Includes: Manitoba Native Prairie, Wetland, and Woodland Plants)
Landscape Design Build

Third year courses:
Landscape Construction Project
Landscape Maintenance Planning
Environmental Sciences
Supervision / Management