Winnipeg Weeding

New for 2024!

Green Thumbs Unite: A Workshop on Sustainable Weed Control

Description: Join us for an evening session dedicated to learning sustainable methods for weed control in your garden.
Date: Tuesday March 19th, 2024, Time: 6:00 – 7:30 PM. Come one, come all!
West End Resource Centre – 823 Ellice Ave, Winnipeg, MB

Ever since taking our Weed ID course for my Greenspace Horticulture Diploma , I’ve been passionate about eradicating weeds. Wishful thinking for every Winnipeger! Whether you have weed cloth or not, whether your yard is full of stone mulch or wood mulch or grass; weeds can prevail.

There are three different kinds: Annual, perennial, and biennial. We learned about 20 kinds of weeds, their characteristics, patterns, and habits. But one thing was for sure, other than chemical pesticide, hand removal seemed to be the only thing that could get at them… over and over again.

So for clients, I use my trusty Hori Hori knife, my weed torch, and get on my hands and knees and go to work. Contact me if you’d like some weeding help at

Below is a list of weeds we learned to attack!
Brome Grass / Bromus inermis
Burdock / Arctium minus
Canada Thistle / Cirsium arvense
Chickweed/ Stellaria media
Creeping Bellflower / Campanula rapunculoides
Creeping Charlie / Glechoma hederacea
Dandelion / Taraxacum officinale
Groundsel / Senecio vulgarisb
Lamb’s Quarters / Pigweed / Chenopodium album 
Purslane / Portulaca oleracea
Knotweed / Polygonum aviculare
Plantain / Plantago major
Pineappleweed / Matricaria matricarioides
Mallow / Malva rotundifolia
Quackgrass / Agropyron repens
White Clover / Trifolium repens

Volunteer Maple / Acer
Volunteer Elm / Ulumus