2022 Annual Pots

I try to take photos of all the annuals I grew each summer. This year I got some treats I had never seen before! Many thanks to Shelmerdine Garden Centre (of course!), Paterson Bedding Plants, Ron Paul Garden Centre, Lacoste Garden Centre, and Plainview Greenhouses (Klapprat’s). Here’s how they did:

‘Gartenmeister’ Fuchsia – part shade, beautiful plant, upright, hummingbirds like it. (Below it is the pink/purple version of Peach Frizzle Coleus, the only one that came in like that)
From top: ‘Fishnet Gold – Under the Sea’ Coleus, ‘Main Street Ocean Drive’ Coleus (lost it’s pink colouring), and ‘Gold Anemone – Under the Sea’ Coleus – part shade. Big and beautiful. I was surprised by the Under the Sea varieties, really enjoyed their shapes and colour.
‘Barracuda’ Under the Sea Coleus – part shade. Amazing colours! Looks less faded in real life.
‘ColorBlaze Rediculous’ Coleus (bought Gallon size! Amazing!), ‘Copper Coral – Under the Sea’ Coleus (would have been bigger but got knocked over in spring), and this amazingly, long Variegated Swedish Ivy. Mostly shade, a bit of morning sun.
Horizontal version, plus the ‘Lemon Twist’ Plectranthus on left.
From top: ‘Wicked Witch’ Coleus (always a fave), ‘Chocolate Drop’ Coleus (was an overgrown TMG, took home, chopped and grew nice again), and beautiful ‘Heartbreaker’ Coleus – part shade. Nice pop of colour.
From top clockwise: ‘Pretoria’ Canna, Crazytunia ‘Black & White’, SuperCal ‘Royal Red’, and ‘Silver Plus’ Tradescantia – morning sun. Supercals had great colour, and Black&White Crazytunia was a great pop of clean white. Pretoria is amazing, even if for foliage alone.
From top clockwise: ‘Phasion’ Canna, SuperCal Premium Bordeaux, ‘Silver Plus’ Tradescantia, ‘Eyeconic Peach’ Calibrachoa, Supercal Premium French Vanilla – morning sun. Really enjoyed these two Supercals together, great bright colour! And Phaison is a stunner.
This was an intense pot! Only *two* plants… which means these must be… Supertunias! Silverberry is the lighter one, and Fuchsia is the darker one. I’m happy to have both even though Silverberry took over. Morning/Afternoon sun.
First top pot, of course the ever popular ‘Bubblegum’ Supertunia! Only one plant in one pot. Stunner – Full Sun. Bottom left pot… the plant that took over and was a great spiller: ‘Paradise’ Supertunia, with a beautiful ‘Americana White Splash’ Geranium, ‘Brocade Cherry Night’ Geranium, and ‘Wilhelm Langguth’ Geranium. The geraniums got drowned out by the Supertunias… but they were impressive. Always.
Supertunia ‘Bordeaux’ and ‘Blanket Yellow’ Petunia. I really enjoyed the two sizes and contrasting colours together. They actually turned out to be the same size of plant, just different sizes of blossoms. I would definitely go after the Blanket series for smaller size of petunia.
These three were amazing together. The Supercal Premium Purple Dawn took over the top (lol), while the ‘Main Stage Blueberry’ Petunia (right) complemented the ‘Midnight Gold’ Petunia (middle/left). This was a strange year, as several Midnight Gold Petunias I saw at different greenhouses, did not show their variegated gold self.
The ‘Bee’s Knees’ Petunia and ‘Lemon Ball’ Sedum originally had a BumbleBee Hot Pink Cali with it. One day the Cali perished. However, the Sedum grew in, and the Cannon Ball Pink Petunias that are above it, looked great too.
I put Salvia greggii ‘Deep Purple’ with the ‘Fantasia Flamingo’ Geranium. When both were in bloom, they looked great. This Salvia greggii did way better than the other one (more full).
The only two left in bloom at the end of the summer were ‘Hot Lips’ Salvia and ‘Hummingbirds Lunch’ Cuphea. I had paired these two with the new Hummingbird Falls (but it stopped blooming, amazing plant but done). The only show stopper was Hummingbirds Lunch. Hot Lips was great, but quite airy, like Gaura.
And finally I wanted to show off the side garden I share with my neighbours. The ‘Hortensia’ Rudbeckia is their perennial which gets quite showy and tall, with the Popcorn TMH plants to the right side. The petunias are all TMH’s from the end of the year, the Cannas are from my other neighbour who overwinters them in her basement. And the Senorita Cleome did AMAZING (far left) for being ignored this year in regards to watering.