Gardening Knowledge 101: JoePye

Gardening Knowledge 101: Joe Pye Weed aka Eupatorium maculatum. A top favourite of mine. Two people separately stopped to ask today what is that large purple Milkweed-like plant. I said Joe Pye and they had never heard, nor seen it. I’ve had this one pictured for five summers and its full height is as tall as the fence. The ones in the garden are taller, probably closer to its mature height of 7′. When Sage Garden Greenhouse customers asked for tall perennials, this was the largest at the time. And its a native prairie perennial too! It loves wet/moist areas and full sun. They do self seed a bit, as I have two smaller clumps around it. Bees and butterflies love it as well. Check out your local nursery or Prairie Originals to buy some for your garden. What a statement!